Doing a remodel

excuse the mess

This might sound odd, but this is what I believe is what is needed in my life as well as the life of this blog.

A blog needs to reflect the needs, personality, and inspiration of the writer of the blog. I have grown since I have placed this blog up several years ago. And I will be working on now having this blog reflect me. Not the one I thought I was, or even pretended to be. But the person that my family knows, the convenience store clerk laughs at and my neighbors are left scratching their heads while wondering about.

So pardon the dust, things are going to get a little hairy here in the next few weeks. But I am sure you will like the results in store. In the meanwhile, you might find things topsy turvy here and there.

Things to stay tuned for, more photography, tips and DIY’s and my personal thoughts on daily life. Gone will be the heavy political focus I had, as well as random thoughts that made no sense to anyone but myself.

What do you say?


This is a quick posting and there is not much to say. But I have had this battle for a bit now and was wondering if I am alone on this thought.

I am getting burned out on the news. Not only the liberal end of things, but news in general. Is this done on purpose, do the media groups want the average joe to just give up and go silent? As I have to wonder about that, as more and more information is being dumped on me. And I am getting more and more just tired of the whole lot.

From the missing airplane that is spoken of hourly, to the Obamacare disaster that is about to get worse. It seems like it is all talk but no action. And if there is action it is only from the big players. One’s who have money, status or a little of both. Again the average person is being buried in the tons of news articles. It seems like the big players don’t want the average person to speak out.

Which lead me to the burnt out phase I am now feeling. I am tired of trying to have my voice heard, tired of swimming up stream against a tidal wave. So I had pulled back for awhile now. Focusing on family, friends and my simple life I lead. For awhile I thought I needed to be a larger then life image, but I am now learning I make a difference even now when I am quiet. So I will pull out of the funk I am in now, and show the world what is truly important. Until then I am gathering up strength to face the world again, will you join me?

Student arrested after unknowingly transporting his dad’s fishing knife to high school


This is against the Fourth Amendment in my opinion.

Originally posted on Home Grown News Media:

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. – A Tennessee high school senior might miss graduation after school officials put him through the ringer for unknowingly transporting a fishing knife to school in his father’s vehicle.

knife boyNortheast High School student David Duren-Sanner is facing criminal charges for brining a dangerous weapon to school after officials found a fishing knife in his father’s car, which the student drove to school, the Daily Caller reports.

Duren-Sanner’s father is a commercial fisherman who works on the west coast and left his vehicle for his son to drive to school.

Last Thursday, school officials announced a “random lockdown search” and randomly selected the vehicle to be part of it, according to a report from WTVF.

“I was like, ‘Sure, no problem.’ I don’t have anything to hide,” Duren-Sanner said. “And he said, ‘Do you have anything that we might need to know about?’”

The student told officials they may…

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